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Embassy Park Competition

Project Description:

Waltham’s community is as strong as it is diverse. It’s multi-cultural presence is much like the workings of the watches created in the city; all individual pieces working together for a common thread. Waltham has long been the destination of many a migrant worker and wealthy statesman alike in search of opportunity and that of relaxation and escape. So too is this site linked to and rich with history! Once a center for relaxation and entertainment now the very link that provides a path and oasis for all who travel through or within its’ bounds.

The worker and commuter can quickly pass through the portal on path to their destination not paying attention to the mix of pieces or parts arranged for their enjoyment; but that is not their focus. They must be on time and waste not a moment to doddle lest they be late. They are not conscious of the clock they pass through like a time traveler nor of the hands of time that shelter their passage. Luncheoners gather amidst the array of seating spaces to enjoy each other’s company or sit in solitude along the quiet path. They are afforded the opportunity to gaze upon the visual displays or sculpture or cultural celebrations that can be changed periodically.

The space we provide is rich with symbolism, some that is obvious…others not so. A variety of activity and energy all contained within a small space to be experienced much like the rush of energy that exists every day in the passage of time and travelers. The strong rigid path to the south is straight and direct providing a sheltered concourse for those seeking only to traverse from point a to point b. The seating is arranged in the form of hours on a clock or is it the open sides of a film strip reel? As one gathers to reflect alongside the tranquility of the shallow pool one discovers that both are true. As the seating unfolds and continues along the quiet path, it is as if time is unfolding much like the film spilling from the reel.

The strong concrete viewing screen poised at the edge of the pool provides the canvas for artisan displays or that of cultural awareness as projected from the camera’s shroud. The projection booth celebrates the progression from the box still camera to the projection reel and further through the multi lenses of the original television camera to today’s technology housed within. Artists or culturists are afforded the opportunity to display their wares either through pin drive, DVD or internet uplink. This ever-changing opportunity will present an energy and a buzz throughout this diverse community.

Much like the film reel, the space unfolds to a quieter side along the path where one can lose oneself to the sounds of the water fall in the distance while sitting beneath the tree shade provided for comfort. The luncheoners can meet with friends or enjoy the solitude throughout the park. When night falls, this space transforms into a wealth of possibilities. The camera kiosk seems to come alive and one can almost hear the clicking of the projector as it displays the latest attraction. The lighted pool comes alive with jets of water ticking off time which emanates from the hour seats marking time with each revolution.

The stage is positioned for presentation of a cultural dance, an artist’s sculptural display or perhaps an ad hoc festival or intimate dance event. Whatever the case; this space provides an opportunity for multi-faceted interaction much like the pieces of the watch or the diversity of the community it serves. The time travel experienced in this urban oasis is as direct as the commuters path or as meandering as the film strip through time. This space brings warmth, shelter, movement, symbolism, presence of mind but mainly a collection of everything that makes Waltham the strong community it is. The collection of many parts within a moving timepiece rich with culture both immigrated and interpreted…both celebrated through historical presence or showcased through an artist’s interpretation.

Embassy Park Competition