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OLCA - Private School Addition

Project Overview:

Type: Private School Addition; Scope of Work: Two Phase Addition; Style: Educational; Location: Waltham, Massachusetts; Phase I Completed: 2013; Phase II Completed: 2016

Project Description:

Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish is a vibrant parish with an equally vibrant private academy! As such, the parish community is very involved on both the school and parish activities. The Pastor wanted to create a community room that can be shared by both the school and the parish community. In addition, the space was extended to include the new administration wing complete with public toilet facilities, a new music room and state of the art science room. The positioning of the addition was quite important and intentional not only as a centralizing focus of the original building and 2001 addition but most importantly as a connection to the St. Joseph Chapel housed within the school. The main axis for the entry focus’ and ties directly to the chapel alter thus aggrandizing the main entry of the academy.

OLCA - Private School Addition