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Heimiller / Kubany Residence

Project Overview:

Type: Modern Home Addition Renovation; Scope of Work: 600 square foot kitchen renovation and 400 square foot deck addition; Style: Prairie; Location: Weston, Massachusetts; Year Completed: 1997

Project Description:

When the home was first constructed, a decision was made to limit the view from the kitchen into the atrium. Most likely this was done to reinforce the utility function of the kitchen. For the renovation, this decision was reversed. Instead of being disconnected from the rest of the home, the new kitchen interacts with its natural surroundings on either side. These connections are the root of the project’s design concept. Today, spaces that were once considered only for their function have become an integral part of the modern family lifestyle.

This logic is what JFF communicates through the home’s redesign. The modernization of the kitchen not only introduces a distinct charm, it also amplifies the existing energy of the home. For example, the previous kitchen did not allow views into the atrium that has Japanese garden influences. In the new kitchen, several full height windows along the wall between the two spaces resolves this. On the other side of the kitchen, the need for a second parking spot takes the form of a carport addition. This allows a very generous outdoor space for entertaining that connects back to the kitchen. The new deck’s gull-winged design was generated from an extension of the existing major and minor axis’.

Heimiller / Kubany Residence