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Graceffa Residence

Project Overview:

Type: Neoeclectic Residential Addition; Scope of Work: 1,800 square foot, 3 bedroom addition and renovation; Style: Neoeclectic; Location: Waltham, Massachusetts; Year Completed: 2005

Project Description:

This extensive addition provided a new second floor complete with three new bedrooms including a master suite. The first floor addition included an extension of the kitchen and newly formed entryway. The main focus of this addition was to create the new space without an overwhelming front appearance.

Since this existing home was placed atop a knoll on the lot, we wanted to create a more subtle facade and one that did not tower over the street. The smaller dormers in the front help tie together the three visible floors in a balanced form. The entryway creates a protection to the elements while assisting in the balance. The rear elevation creates an interesting mix of window placement and roof connections. This playful approach was intended to create a synthesis between all levels of this Waltham home framed by its’ wonderful landscaping

Graceffa Residence