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Kohlberg Residence

Type: Eclectic Residential Addition;

Scope of Work: 900 square foot addition and renovation;

Style: Eclectic Contemporary;

Location: Weston, Massachusetts;

Year Completed: 2003

The addition of the master suite served a dual purpose. Its creation provided the dream bath for our client and the massing provided balance to the overall home. This addition served to tie the exterior together with two previous additions while creating the necessary space to house this opulent bath complete with steam shower. Our organization of windows reinforced the overall balance formed by the massing while creating interesting vistas within the bath. The exterior balcony and spa allows private enjoyment for the entire family.

The challenge of creating vistas within a tightly organized space is not allowing the components of the bath to get in the way. By using a clear wall of glass to enclose the steam shower, the bath space can unify as a whole while providing a sense of place whether showering or combing one’s hair. The use of a colorful glass accent tile brings a playfulness to the bathroom. This master suite is complete with sitting area and separate wardrobe.

Kohlberg Residence