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The Bar- Method

Project Overview:

Type: New Construction, Tenant Fit-Out; Scope of Work: 3,038 sq. ft. Bar Studio; Style: Interior aesthetic of Industrial Contemporary; Location: Woburn, MA; Year of Completion: 2017

Project Description:

Located in a newly renovated mixed use complex, along Route 3 in Woburn, MA. The Bar Method is a studio that offers unique classes with a signature technique that provides a safe, challenging, and graceful workout. The 3,038 sq. ft. studio is composed of two bar studios roughly 1,000 sq. ft., accommodating 33-34 students depending the classroom. An in house locker room for before and after class, a comfortable seating area to wait for classes, a reception desk, back of house operations, such as an office and laundry room, and finally a merchandise exhibit for clients to shop for the latest workout gear and apparel.

With a strict studio build-out manual to adhere to, the fun in this project came from tackling all the challenging issues of a predetermined envelop with an assigned program. A unique component to this project was the design of custom cabinetry and rail systems needed for the workout themselves.

The Bar- Method