Extensive Home Renovation & Addition

Ryan Residence

  Project Overview:

Type: Raised Ranch Addition & Renovation; Scope of Work: New family room & in-law suite, renovated kitchen ; Style: Neoclectic; Location: Wilmington, MA; Year Completed: 2007

  Project Description:

Limiting the overall resulting scale was a main focus for this large scale addition. The built design includes a master suite on the upper level and two renovated main level bedrooms. As with other projects involving existing raised ranches, JFF Design redesigns the front to steer away from the traditional “split” appearance and create a more celebrated entryway into the home. To achieve this, the entryway was extended slightly beyond the home while the roof was tied into the entry’s gable.

As with all raised ranches, the existing second floor addition made the house appear top heavy. To alter this perception, a steeper pitched roof was built so that the total height was evenly divided between the roof and second floor. This approach transforms the home into a more desirable street presence while offering the homeowners needed storage and/or mechanical space. The two-story addition in the rear combines the family room with the newly renovated kitchen and exterior deck. Located below the deck at grade level is the entry into the in-law suite. The deck serves two purposes for the in-laws; it creates a covered entryway and provides easy access for the grandchildren.


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