Rebranding and updating Federal Credit Union

RTN Federal Credit Union

  Project Overview:

Type: Commercial, Bank; Scope of Work: 9,000 sq. ft. tenant fit-out renovation: Style: Corporate; Location: Waltham, MA; Year of Completion: 2017

  Project Description:

RTN Federal Credit Union looked to JFF Design for their efforts in rebranding and updating the 1990’s look in their 9000 square foot main branch location in Waltham. JFF Design seized the opportunity to improve the customer service presence by relocating the numerous teller stations while making the necessary upgrades for full public accessibility and business efficiency. In addition, several bank officer’s offices were created as well as updates to public restrooms and other back of house upgrades. New customer conveniences were included with the addition of new ATMs a waiting area, conference room and new cubicles to conduct clients business in an open and welcoming format. The RTN mantra is commitment to customer, this renovation provided the necessary improvements to make the customer feel welcomed and  part of the organization, from the greeter’s station to the teller stations, to the customer service personnel.


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