Healey Residence excerpt.

Healey Residence

  Project Overview:

Type: Two Story Addition  Scope of Work: 2,000 sq. ft. Addition/ Renovation, Work included the kitchen, master suite, laundry room, and cover porch; Style: Farmhouse Style Interior; Location: Billerica, Massachusetts; Year Completed: 2006

  Project Description:

The purpose of this addition was to extend the existing Kitchen in such a way to engage the wooded back yard. The original space was not comfortable for everyday family activities. In addition, the Master Bedroom needed to be enlarged and the Master Bath converted into a laundry facility leaving it necessary to create a new Master Bath. We wanted to create a massing of the first and second floor that would unify the addition without creating a simple box. We started with simple lines that would serve to tie the addition to the house. Then projected the rear two story bay in such a fashion to capture the panorama of the wooded back yard space. It also served to provide additional sitting space and an animated path for the sun as it travels across the back of the house.

The completion of the addition, by way of the covered porch, provides the closing balance while serving for usage in inclement weather. We took advantage of the solar positioning to introduce several skylights that will create another dynamic effect of the interior space. The 1 1/2 story space over the informal dining provides a plethora of light while creating the necessary space definition in this open plan. This part of the addition was created for everyday homework, projects and music practice while remaining connected to the balance of the kitchen area. The skylights in the Master Bedroom provides this same dynamic treatment.


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