A more modern approach to the common colonial home.

DeJulio Residence

  Project Overview:

Type: Full Home Renovation; Scope of Work: 6,000 square foot, 5 bedroom renovation;  Style: Neoclectic Style; A collaborative style, that incorporates Italian elements within a  modern Neocolonial design; Location: Pidgeon Hill Estates, Waltham, Massachusetts; Year Completed: 2000

  Project Description:

The DeJulio Home is situated in a predominantly neoclassic stylized neighborhood in Waltham, Massachusetts. The project’s design intention sought to break from the normative updated boxed colonial style of the neighborhood; through a modern approach of traditional ideals. Traditional forms like the front entrance and rhythm and placement of windows were manipulated in such a way that a new modern and contemporary vernacular was created. The design of the exterior also took into consideration the homeowner’s Italian lineage. Providing familiar spaces like the widow’s walk just above the front entrance. When it came time to select the exterior materials the decision not to match the existing masonry neighborhood was made. This allowed the stucco finish to create a remarkable contrast. Thus resulting in the accent of form within the façade.

The arrangement of interior spaces were designed to maintain a strong sense of family and communal space, while still recognizing and providing comfort for the individual.


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