A 2,000 square foot Graphic Design office layout and design.

Allison Associates

  Project Overview:

Type: Graphic Design Office Renovation; Scope of Work: 2,000 square foot office layout and design; Style: Classic Contemporary; Location: South Boston, Massachusetts; Year Completed: 1997

  Project Description:

Nestled within the bustling fabric of South Boston is this two-story office condominium. The client wanted to bring about a change of character in their design office; A fresh look that was worthy of entertaining clients as well as improving the comfort of its employees. The graphic design firm, already boasting a large production outlay, needed to remain flexible in order to adjust to the fast-pace technology of their profession.

In responding to this need, JFF Design included moments of open space within the office’s layout for future expansion and adjustments. The use of natural oak as a wood brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the spaces. The changes in ceiling and lighting levels separate the various functions of the office. For example, the production crew required low level lighting to limit fatigue while the proofreader required both high levels of light and isolation to allow her to concentrate.


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